Russian boy claims to be have lived on mars and travelled Egypt in last birth


Boriska – who calls himself an ‘Indigo Child’ – said “his people” have a strong connection to the ancient Egyptians.

And he claims life on our planet will change forever when the secrets of the Great Sphinx in Giza are finally “unlocked”.

He added the opening mechanism is hidden somewhere behind the world-famous landmark’s ear.

He said: “The human life will change when the Sphinx is opened, it has an opening mechanism somewhere behind the ear; I do not remember exactly.”

The 20-year-old claims he was sent to Earth to save humans from an apocalyptic nuclear war.

He claims his own race of Martianswas virtually wiped out in a nuclear conflict thousands of years ago and he fears we are now heading in the same direction.

Boriska says he is not the only child from outer space on Earth, claiming there are others like him who were also sent here on a specific mission to save humanity.

He claims they are all reincarnations and referred to as ‘Indigo Children’ who have supernatural abilities and survived the Martian wars.

He said: “I remember that time, when I was 14 or 15 years old. The Martians were waging wars all the time so I would often have to participate in air raids with a friend of mine.

“We could travel in time and space flying in round spaceships, but we would observe life on Earth on triangular aircraft.”

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