Sai Baba’s love for humanity


Sai Baba was a gentle and compassionate man. He was always ready and willing to help those who were in need.The sick and ailing would always turn to him and he would do his best to help them get better.

He gently tended a leper’s sores and nursed him till he got better while the rest of the people from the village hesitated to go near him. Sai led a very simple life at the village.For whatever good he did, he never expected anything in return. For food, he would go to a few houses in the neighbourhood and beg.

Some women would turn him away at times, but he would gently plead with them, saying. “You have so much food in your kitchen, why can’t you spare some for a fakir.”

Sai was always so gentle in his speech that upon hearing his words, the women would fall to the ground and touch his feet. And of course, give him much more food than he could eat.

Not only did he collect food for himself, but also for the poor. Sai was a very caring man and whatever he got through begging from the houses in the neighbourhood, he shared with poor people he met along the way.

Sometimes, he would remain hungry himself, so that he would be able to feed the needy.

Sai also spent some of his time, in the mornings, in the Lendi Gardens. There, he would be busy planting trees and flowers of different varieties. And whatever he planted and sowed always blossomed into beautiful plants, flowers or fruits. It was here that he also came to be known as the ‘Divine Gardener’.

Sai was very fond of the company of children and would sit outside most of the day, when he was not busy helping someone.He would tell them about God and of how both Ram and Rahim are the same but with different names. The children were drawn towards his pure heart and simplicity.

In Search Of Mustard Oil

One day, during the festival of Diwali, Sai Baba had given permission to the people to celebrate the festival at the mosque. So people started decorating the mosque and prepared the feast. However, they found that there was no mustard oil to light the lamps with. So Sai set out to the shopkeepers to ask for some oil. But the shopkeepers refused to help him.

Sai Baba simply laughed at their rudeness and walked away.Now the shopkeepers, satisfied that they had deprived Sai of the mustard oil,wanted to go and see how he would light the lamps without the oil.

Upon reaching the Dwarkamai mosque, Sai directly started working and instead of putting oil into the lamps, he put water.

The shopkeepers who had been watching from a close distance obviously were shocked to see this.They did not know what he was up to.He then put the cotton into the lamps and started lighting them one by one. The shopkeepers began to think that he had gone mad and started laughing.

To their great surprise, the lamps started to glow. It was a miracle! As they stood staring, the entire mosque lit up and shone brightly.They then realized what they had done and immediately felt sorry.

They went to Sai Baba and fell on their knees.“Forgive us, O great one! We are but sinners!” they said. Sai Baba smiled and said,“I appreciate you for having accepted your mistakes, for that is the only way to correct them.” ¦

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