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San Francisco mother starts a movement with love notes posted throughout the city

John Lennon was on to something when he coined the phrase, “All you need is love.” And Shannon Weber couldn’t agree more.
It started out as a small gesture. The San Francisco mother of three wanted her children to have a daily reminder of her love so she posted a note to the fridge. Those three simple words of “I love you” sparked an idea in her head, she writes on her website Love You 2.

“The ‘I love you, too’ sign seemed to have metamorphosed from a message BY me into a message TO me,” she writes. “I was immediately overwhelmed with deep feelings of contentment, security, warmth and a huge smile.”

Soon after, an idea was born: Weber created signs, with tabs to rip off, and plastered them around San Francisco and anywhere her family visited.
Flash forward four years and Weber’s small token of love has sparked a movement. Thanks in part of a grant from the Awesome Foundation , Weber’s love notes can now be found all over the San Francisco area, as well as New York City, Utah, and Washington, D.C., Upworthy reports.
The love notes trend has also grown to larger “Public Displays of Affection,” including posters and motivating messages of “You rock!” and “There is no one like you.”

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