Say No to Crackers!


Say No to Crackers!

Diwali is the festival of lights, energy, and joy. On the other hand, it is the festival of getting hazy under the influence of air and noise pollution. Those flashy crackers and zestful rockets are the reason why children and adults alike enjoy the festival to its fullest but what about the environment and surroundings that we are living in? Is it pollution free? The answer is NO.

Firecrackers make the earth polluted. It produces the very high level of sound and vibrations can travel over a long distance. Do you know a human ear can bear up to 85 decibels of noise but firecrackers produce 140 decibels which are not at all safe for humans and for animals. It may create disability of hearing or can cause some severe damage to the ears. It should be fully banned to save thousands of lives.

Firecrackers cause many accidents. Every year, so many accidents occur due to m of firecrackers. Lives are lost and some are maimed for the rest of their life. Playing with fire, the most dangerous element of nature cannot be fun especially when every corner of the country joins to emanate Sulphur and Nitrite together the whole night.

We all can enjoy the festival of Diwali by eliminating crackers from this enthusiastic festival. Diwali was never a festival of crackers. Earlier, on Diwali, people decorate their house with beautiful rangoli and light up their house. In the evening they distributing sweets among all and enjoys the festival. That was called a pollution free enjoyment.

Nowadays, “eco-friendly” Diwali is a part of everyone’s life that means abolish the usage of low noise crackers to diminish noise and air pollution to a greater extent.

Firecrackers cause global warming. The government has pledged to ban crackers and it is good. On this DIWALI let’s together say no to Crackers! Be smart, Be civilized and save the planet EARTH!

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