‘Shubh Mangal Saavdhan’ review: Ayushmann Khurrana, Bhumi Pednekar shine in this delightfully funny film

Based on the Tamil movie Kalyana Samayal Saadham, the Hindi version is set in Delhi. Mudit (Ayushmann Khurrana) is in love with Sugandha (Bhumi Pednekar), but is unable to express his feelings. He sends a marriage proposal, which she accepts while retaining her dream of a romance even in this arranged scenario. A few days before the wedding the couple gets intimate, at which point Mudit realises he has ‘gents’ problem. He takes advice from his friends to cure erectile dysfunction, but nothing works. Slowly, both their families get the wind this problem and offer various solutions to ‘cure’ Mudit.

What’s hot:
Considering the fact that the topic is erectile dysfunction, it leaves the field wide open for crass humour, but some wonderfully clever writing never lets the movie go anywhere near that zone. The scene where Seems Pahwa, who plays Bhumi’s mother, tries to impart sex education to her daughter using the analogy of “Ali Baba” and a cave is just one example of the many humorous scenes peppered in the film, especially in the first half. Be warned: You may see biscuits in a whole new light after watching the film. Writer Hitesh Kewalya does a great job. He comes up with some great lines and jabs, like the one about digital India. The movie’s length and crisp editing, too, works in its favour.

Director Prasanna makes Mudit, Sugandha and their families real and relatable. He avoids the trap of over-the-top drama. It’s a sensitive subject and handles it without indulging in petty tricks like making fun of the character or the topic that is often a measure of a guy’s manliness. Prasanna shows sensitivity in scenes like the one where Bhumi tries to seduce her fiancé. The scene begins on a comic note but ends up bringing out the vulnerability of these two youngsters trying to deal with a problem that they have no clue about. While the focus may be on erectile dysfunction, the movie also points out the warped definition of manliness that everyone holds on to.

Ayushmann, who played the extremely fertile Vicky in Vicky Donor, walks over to the other end of the spectrum with equal ease. He is in top form. Bhumi delivers another noteworthy performance in her third film. Ayushmann and Bhumi, share an easy chemistry, which comes handy in some tricky scenes. Besides the brilliant supporting cast, Pahwa deserves a special mention for her role as Bhumi’s mother.

What’s not:
For a movie that’s about erectile dysfunction, ironically, it’s the climax that lets it down. Considering the clever writing you get in the first half, you expect a fitting finale that the movie doesn’t get. A special appearance, a random reference to acid attacks and a rather large ‘leap’ of faith, are out of place in the scheme of things.

What to do:
It’s an entertaining movie with some cheeky humour and great performances. Do watch it.

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