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Life always has its ups and downs. But it’s not easy seeing someone we care about wear a frown. Whether it’s a bad break-up or a rough day at work, we would go through great lengths to make them feel better again. But sometimes, the way to cheer someone up is simpler than slaving in the kitchen all day. Just because you can’t give them an all-expense paid vacation doesn’t mean you can’t cheer up your loved ones. Here are 20 cheap but creative ways to bring back a smile to their faces:

Give a smile or a hug
Hugs and smiles are sure to brighten anyone’s day. Ever had a rough day at work, only to grin back at a stranger who’s already beaming at you? Or how about being greeted at the door with hugs from your wife and kids? Wasn’t that a pleasant surprise?

Smiles and hugs are perhaps the only gifts that you can give without making yourself any poorer. So be generous with them! Cheer someone up today with a smile and a hug!

Recommend writing
From Benjamin Franklin to Virginia Woolf, plenty of people have benefited from the art of writing. Whether it’s journaling or some free writing exercises, sometimes, getting your thoughts down on paper is one of the best ways to instantly feel better.

If your loved one doesn’t have a journal yet, you can gift them cute notebooks or even just small notepads to start with. They don’t need to write entire diary entries either. Doodling or brain dumping ideas can also be feel-good exercises.

Give a sweet treat
Cliché as it is, but there’s usually nothing better than some sweet treats when you’re having a rough day. Whether your friend or loved one is into cookies, candy bars, or dark chocolate, have one handy in case they need a quick pick-me-up.

Treat them to tea or coffee
Cheer someone up today with an invitation to tea or coffee. Think about how many moments in life are improved by the simple addition of a warm drink: from mornings, busy workdays, relaxations, to trying to gain favor – a hot drink can go a long way.

Make the moment even more special (even while at the office pantry) by getting your friend’s favorite drink. Invite them to take a few minutes to sit down with you. Then pour them a cup and enjoy each other’s company for a while.

Crack a good joke
There’s nothing like a good laugh to dispel awkwardness or get the ball rolling. Having a good joke up your sleeve can come in handy when times get rough. If you don’t have a treasure trove of good ones, funny quotes or anecdotes will do.

Pop in a feel-good movie
Movies are often a great distraction for people who feel down and out. Cheer someone up by watching their favorite film with them. You could also surprise them with a selection of inspirational movies. Whether they’re in the mood for tearjerkers, Rom-Coms, or Disney classics, there’s a movie that’s bound to make them smile again.

Share a quote
Inspirational quotes are always a great go-to for any occasion. From quotes about success, diversity, change, or facing challenges, you can count on a wise one-liner to cheer someone up.

Source: everydaypowerblog.com

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