SOCIAL MEDIA. A word unheard about a few years back. But today its one of the most amazing platforms in the world to connect with people all around the globe. A decade back did we all humans think that a we would be able to connect with our families, friends, foes all around the globe within a few seconds. What an astounding transition in technology we wonder has happened.

It’s fun to connect with old classmates, friends, ex co-workers or family members whom we have not met or been able to be in touch with since years. We have started loving this idea of connecting with each other pictures, videos, messages, emails, voicemails etc. We get to experience and intrude so much in each other’s’ lives like never before. It’s a pleasure seeing each other celebrate festivals, enjoying holidays, having all the fun and that to while sitting in the comfort of our homes on a small device called a mobile phone. Ooh what FUN! PLEASURE! BLISS! OR IS IT……………… JEALOUSY! HATRED! INSECURITY! PONDER! PONDER! PONDER!

Social media in the truest sense has revolutionized the world by bringing us closer then never before. It helps us to stay connected with people who are thousands of miles away from us. It updates us with what’s going around the world without buying a hard copy of the newspaper (sigh). Social networks have provided us with better jobs and business opportunities. Matrimonial alliances have become faster and easier. It also has provided us a platform to create huge awareness in technology, social causes and political issues regardless of international borders. It’s now turned out to as the ULTIMATE CONNOTATION OF CONNECTING.

Teenagers, adults we all love to be an active part of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Whatsapp, Viber, LinkedIn, have now been the most important part of our existence. Have we ever thought that has social media created a positive impact on us or a negative impact.

Who will decide on this? Have we seriously noticed our lifestyles after the existence of social media. Have we observed that our social interaction with our families and friends has drastically reduced. And mind we, this issue is not only with teenagers but with adults also in the same intensity. Have we thought over that our point of personal connect with people around us has almost vanished. Are we all not heading towards an UNSOCIALABLE SOCIETY.

Our language skills are deteriorating due to the availability of spell checks. Our work life has been adversely impacted. Our privacy is hugely at stake. Our relationships are turning fake. Our outdoor activities have depleted drastically. Our emotions are conveyed through Emoticons. Our health is hugely at stake (eye/back/neck problem, unhealthy mental and physical state, emotional abuse, poor sleep patterns, high suicidal rates, abnormal behavior, distractions, poor academics, increase in crime rate) and much more. Where is all this leading us to. Face- value or fake- values.

Limiting our time on social media is the best way towards a sane life rather than being insanely dependent on technology.

We should stop dipping our minds, bodies and soul completely into virtual reality and we should engage ourselves in dealing with realities of life and relationships. We should stop delving into dual identities, that of a virtual life on one side and a normal life on the other side. We should compose and wire our minds and ascertain a particular time in a day, say for example 10 minutes in the morning for important mails and messages, 5 minutes in the noon for important whatsapp messages and 10-15 minutes in the night to connect with family and friends instead of mindless scrolling.
Let us all make a concrete commitment to ourselves to use the best of the social media and discard the non-value we extract from it to save our most important self -resources like time, energy and thought process. Let us stop competing with each other on this platform by radiating a picture perfect life and start accepting that no one’s life is completely perfect…..let us start painting our normal lives as over rated and our social media life as under rated to increase our self- esteem and happiness. Let us all start using social media in such a way that our personal, social and professional lives are all balanced to the T.

So in the end we have to decide what our lives will be like 5 years from now- MINDLESS ROBOTS OR MINDFUL MONSTERS. If you are a social media addict and want to de-addict yourself from it, feel free to connect with me at jignatanna71@gmail.com ,and I will guide you to take your life on an amazing level of power productivity. Hope to hear from you all POWER PERFORMERS!


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