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Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer – Spotlight’s on Iron Man, Vulture and recreating iconic train scene

When the first official Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer dropped in December 2016, it gave fans just what they had been waiting for — more of the fast talking, faster-moving Spidey played by Tom Holland, who we’d gotten an all-too-brief-but-none-the-less-pleasing glimpse of in Captain America: Civil War.

We saw Holland’s Peter Parker navigate the travails of high school, the somewhat confusing mentoring by Iron Man aka Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) and the scary shenanigans of the newest villain in town, The Vulture (played by Michael Keaton).

And now, as Spider-Man: Homecoming hurtles towards its 7 July 2017 release date, fans finally have another new trailer to look forward to. But before that — a teaser!

The super-tiny teaser has Spidey clinging to a vertiginous-ly high wall, while a tiny, bug drone — the newest addition to his spider-suit — climbs out of his chest. It seems the emblem on the spidey-suit converts into this handy little drone when our web-slinging superhero needs it the most. This fancy gizmo is also courtesy Tony Stark, just like the rest of Spidey’s new, tech-friendly suit.

But enough with the talking, and let’s get on with the looking:

Update: From the looks of the new trailer, one thing is sure: the new technologically enhanced Spidey suit will be integral to the story line — and the younger, high school going Spider-Man will rely heavily on Tony Stark for approval. The whole of the second trailer has the young Peter Parker try and do things that he thinks will make him a contender to become an Avenger — but he fails miserably to do so.

The trailer also pays homage to the iconic scene from Spider-Man 2 starring Tobey Maguire where he stops a train from getting derailed by using his Spidey webs.

In the new trailer, Peter Parker stops a Titanic-esque ship from falling apart, but this time, Iron Man helps him out.

We also get to see more of Michael Keaton’s Vulture. “The rich and the powerful like Tony Stark don’t care about us.” says the Vulture and tries to convince Parker to come to the dark side.

The idea of Spider-Man taking on the task to save the world and then considering crossing over to the dark side has also been extensively explored in the first Spider-Man franchise.

Here’s a look at the explosive new trailer which features more of Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man than we expected it to. The trailer comes minus the traditional mood-setting soundtrack that Marvel is known for:

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