Spirituality: Chant Dhanvantri Mantra for healing, good health


Faith in God and Goddesses help us in finding solutions to our day to day problems. Each mantra in Hinduism has great significance and by chanting them with utmost devotion, we derive strength to swim against the current.

Dhanvantri – an incarnation of Lord Vishnu – is the God of medicines. By chanting the Dhanvantri Mantra, we can rid ourselves of all ailments, illness and sufferings.

It is imperative that we have faith in the Lord’s magnanimity, understand that only complete belief and utmost devotion while chanting the mantra can help us heal both our mental and physical sufferings.

Every time you chant the mantra, some fraction of its divine power touches you. The more you chant the more will be its effects.

Before you start chanting the mantra, it is important to pre-condition your thoughts. If you are suffering from some kind of an ailment, tell yourself – “I am getting rid of this ailment. I will be back to good health soon.” This is an assurance you will give yourself to consolidate your efforts and the mantra’s power.

OM Namo Bhagavate Maha Sudarshanaya Vasudevaya Dhanvantaraye

Amrita Kalasha Hastaya, Sarvabhaya Vinashaya, Sarvaroga Nivaranaya

Trilokya Pataye, Trilokya Nidhaye

Shri Maha Vishnu Swaroopa, Shri Dhanvatri Swaroopa,

Shri Shri Shri Aushadha Chakra Narayanaya Swaha.

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