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Stairway to musical heaven: Steps by the ocean-front in Croatia produce awesome melodies


An architectural and engineering marvel, the “Sea Organ” along the coast of Zadar, Croatia, is simply breathtaking. The oceanic waves, by their natural movement, enter a cavity underneath the steps. Inside, there are numerous organ pipes, each of producing a harmony. The moment the waves make contact, these pipes begin emanating a random assortment of sounds that are released through vents along an upper step. The cherry on the top is that no matter what the arrangement of the notes, it sounds as melodious as it can.

This is the sound produced by waves of the Adriatic Sea, and sounds much like the deep hum of the whale. It is almost divine, since if the ocean could sing, it would certainly sing in this manner.

To experience this wonder for yourself, check out this beautiful video recorded by meanderbug.

The architectural marvel was unveiled to the public in 2005, after it was designed by the Croatian architect Nikola Bašić, who rose to international prominence after its unveiling. It also has a very poignant history behind it.

During the Second World War, Zadar suffered heavily as a result of incessant bombing. After the War, the city was engulfed in frantic restoration work, and this resulted in the creation of a very plain concrete wall. Fifty years later, Bašić was assigned the task of redesigning the city’s coast, and he came up with this urban design masterpiece. Today, it stands as a mark of peace and calm. After all, the serenity of its notes and its beautiful aesthetics pretty much sum up this emotion.

Many visit the Sea Organ as it has become a popular tourist destination. People come there to lie down and watch the oceanic waves move up and down along the lower steps. The marble steps often have numerous people lying down and staring at the sun, and getting lost in the tranquility of the wave sounds. Indeed, listening to nature produce such harmonious music ought to arouse this sense of oneness with nature.


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