echo ''; Clamorworld » In everyday life every one of us comes across various experiences, incidents which we either don’t share with anyone or share with family members and friends. Print media, electronic media and various medium shows the news, but its ends up showing one sided of the story. We never come to know the other side of story. With so much happening every day, every second across our neighborhood, society, and world it’s difficult for the news media to cover all the news. Many times we have felt wish we could share our voice, opinion, thoughts with the world. Many a times we have felt the frustration, anger and helplessness for not being able to do anything about an incident. Have you ever felt, for a good cause, you need support, but don’t know how to garner the support and attention. So, now you have an option ““. This is a platform to share everything you want to. A website 100% runs by the people for the people. The world is waiting to listen to your voice, the voice which has kept you suppressed so far. If you do not want to share the incident, event personally, please send it to us at, and we will share it on your behalf and assure to keep your name confidential. Let’s make this world a peaceful and a happy place to live. » Sumana Sarkar in conversation with ClamorWorld about Freedom of Speech and Journalistic Ethics.

Sumana Sarkar in conversation with ClamorWorld about Freedom of Speech and Journalistic Ethics.




Sunil Mantri(SM): What convinced you to join Clamorworld

Sumana Sarkar(SS): Answer- You can call me an idealist but the big reason that I wanted to join Clamorworld was the concept of free unbiased news which has become a near impossibility in most organised media houses. The Clamorworld management promised and maintained their promise of a free unbiased news platform and I am pleased to be associated with them.

SM: What is your idea of a free news platform

SS: By a free news platform I mean a  platform where news is recorded and reported in terms of relevance and not as per the profit value it translates for the organisers. Even at times if the news does not confirm to their political allegiance, the Clamorworld Management has never really tried to stop a news piece from getting published just on those grounds.

                   Sumana Sarkar                                                          In Pic: Sumana Sarkar 

SM: What according to you is freedom of speech and expression

SS: I would say confirming to the provisions in the Constitution of India on this matter. Article 19(1) (a) of the Constitution of India guarantees to all its citizens the right to freedom of speech and expression. The law states that, “all citizens shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression”.

SM: Why do you think that is important?

SS: Well it is important not just to allow the effective execution of this right that every Indian enjoys but it is also the only vehicle which can truly make a difference in the lives of people through journalistic endeavours. You can call me an idealist or a Utopian, but it goes without saying that I believe a journalist’s job does not end at drawing the mere paycheck every month. One cannot avoid the associated social responsibility that goes with it. Look at Twitter. Why do you think an increasing number of people are shifting to it in search of meaningful and unbiased news. It is exactly for this reason. The lure of unbiased news is that great.

SM: Where do you see Clamorworld going forward?

SS: I believe in the guiding principles that Clamorworld is based on and it is my firm belief that we will be able to bring about that absolute change that is required in the way we perceive news. It is no longer the bastion of the politically empowered or monetarily mighty but news is common property and everyone has a stake in it and Clamorworld is a true reflection and manifestation of it.

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