Sunil Mantri in exclusive interview with Indo-Canadian, internationally celebrated, multiple award winning media personality, Tushar Unadkat.


Sunil Mantri :Tushar can you please tell in brief about yourself to our readers.

Tushar Unadkat :Currently Imanage a multicultural advertising and marketing agency in Canada by the name of MUKTA Advertising and I’m the founder, executive director of Nouveau iDEA (New International dimension in Entertainment & Arts), a Canadian not-for-profit.

After gaining my Master of Design from the University of Dundee, Scotland and Honors in Photography from University of Wolverhampton, England, I immigrated to Canada in the year 2000. Last year I graduated from Rotman School of Management pursuing Business Edge Certification.

In past I’veproduced and directed films, fashion events, advertising and corporate & community events in USA, England, Scotland, France, Germany, Netherlands, India and Canada.

My photographic research on Indian Diaspora got nominated for the 1999 BBC Asia Awards and won a citation from the New York City Council Member in 2002.

My artistic work has received admiration from many globally acclaimed dignitaries including former Prime Minister of India, Dr. Inder Kumar Gujaral, former Minister of Culture Shri GirishKarnad, Shri SaedJaffery, Shri Sunil Jannah, ShabanaAzmi, Tonya Lee Williams and Dr. Werner Mensky amongst others.

In 2006, I won the nomination for the New Pioneers Award by Skills for Change for “commendable contribution as an immigrant to the Canadian community”.

The 12th Annual ReelWorld Film Festival then honored me being Canada’s Trail.blaz.er in 2012.

Sunil Mantri :You hold many feathers in your hat how do you manage it all?
Tushar Unadkat :In creative industry, it’s best not to lay all your eggs in one basket, more so, as all art inspires art. I am trained advertising professional first and then I explored photography and films. Visual communication has been my expertise and marketing is the mother of all. Hence, the feathers are of the same bird, i.e. Advertising.

Sunil Mantri :Could you tell us more about Nouveau iDEA.
Tushar Unadkat :Nouveau iDEA: New International Dimension in Entertainment and Arts was found in 2002, a Canadian non-profit organization that disseminates information, produces and promotes international arts with 85,000+ readerships, 8,500 network members and FB group has 7,000 members. For more information visit: www.nouveauidea.org

Sunil Mantri :Bollywood feature film titled Surkhaab, which is currently getting rave reviews on the international film festival circuit. Can you tell something more about it?
Tushar Unadkat :I’ve worked with more than 30 films in my portfolio, including a few with some Oscar-winning producers and editors as well. Surkhaab is my recent crossover film bagging awards at international film festival circuit.

Sunil Mantri :You have lived and traveled in different parts of the world, what made you to select in Canada-Toronto to settle down.
Tushar Unadkat :I chose to settle in Canada among all the other countries I’velived in because I find the “equality” quotient highest in Canada. I had enough opportunity to explore England, Scotland, France, Netherlands, Germany and India. Now, I admit that I am in love with Canada — the True North, a strong, free and secure nation that provides equal opportunity for everyone.

Sunil Mantri :You have been shortlisted in top 75 finalists of top 25 Canadian Immigrants for 2014. How did that happen?
Tushar Unadkat :To my surprise, on March 18, 2014, I received a mail congratulating me and seeking my acceptance for this nomination from a staff at Metroland Media Group. A community leader recognised my contribution and achievements as an immigrant and sent in an application, said the staff. I am thrilled to cut the Top 75 list out of 630 nominations nationwide. I accepted the nomination and humbled to see distinguished names of other immigrants in this Top 75 list.

Sunil Mantri :For a voter what qualities of you should attract them to vote for you?
Tushar Unadkat :When I found the not-for-profit Nouveau iDEA in 2002, the board of directors had to define certain bylaws for the organization and at that time, we listed qualities, as a team to possess that are also necessary for a good community leader. I’d like to offer the following:
• Commitment: Myobligationas a community leader takes a lot of time and responsibility.
• Curiosity: Studying different perspectives ensuring to make great decisions that positively affect the immigrant community.
• Empathy: I’ll be empathetic to understand immigrant’s differing situations
• Honesty: Great leaders MUST be trustworthy, and the first step is honesty.
• Motivation: I’ll be motivational and encourage new immigrants to stay productive.
• People Skills: I have the ability to have meaningful conversations among all kinds of people.
• Self-Awareness: As they say, “before leading others, you must know your own abilities”
• Service: Community service is not only important to the structure of a happy, healthy community, but it also keeps our role in perspective.
• Vision: Great leaders step outside the box and have set goals in mind for the future.

Sunil Mantri :Your message to voter.

Tushar Unadkat :No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.

I encourage communal artistic processes that act as a catalyst to trigger events or changes within a community or even at a national or international level.

If you believe that art has contributed in your life in a positive way and if you think that Canadian immigrants add value through the practice of community arts, then please vote for me.

Encourage the courage!

Tushar Unadkat :Thank you for reading this interview and vote for the Top 25 deserving Canadian Immigrants. Please follow the link below for voting me.

Link :http://canadianimmigrant.ca/canadas-top-25-immigrants/vote


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