Susan Celina in conversation with Bike Stunters Team Zero Gravity Team




Susan Celina: Could you please introduce your team Dhanush Rai of Zero Gravity?

Dhanush Rai: Sure, I want to introduce you to our Lead stunters: Jupsy, Anil, Shodhan, Joel and Dilpesh… Team Manager: – Krithish Kanchan

Susan Celina: How did you guys formed this group?

Danush Rai: In 2009, 3 Bike enthusiastic boys Prasanna, Ram and Danish (I) were just going for rounds from our house to the beach to meet each other… And we use to watch biking related programs on television. Mtv released a new program for stunt bikers called Mtv Stunt Mania .We tried to imitate few of them and from then rather than just meeting up we started to practice near our locality .There was no proper person to guide us and we were thinking what to do and how to do as we all were youth, we were amateur and had no idea about future.

In 2010, we just came up with an idea of starting up a team, and of course we got all possible weird names. One among us said Zero degree and other said gravity. I don’t remember, we just combined the names and we shouted loudly “Yeah it’s Team Zero Gravity”. Within an hour logo was ready.

We seriously didn’t have any idea what is going to come next. Broke most of our bones to learn some basic skills. After few months we found many stunt bikers who use to practice in different places. We brought all together and our team ready. But, only problem we had is lack of skill to show people…

2010 and 2011 was something we can never forget …We won stunt competitions which were in Mangalore and Chikmaglur.

In 2012 we got a call from Mr.kuldeep asking for show in Mangalore. We were not ready, and we couldn’t let that opportunity go out of our hand us just like that… We performed and all appreciated…That’s what all sportsman need… There it started and we are still rolling.


Susan Celina: What made you all come together..?

Dhanush Rai:  We seriously don’t have an idea why and when we came together… But Ya we had a dream to achieve in this sport…Watching India’s best stunt riders video in YouTube which gave us more strength to go on with which we love.

Susan Celina: How do you all take time to practice regularly?

Dhanush Rai: That’s really difficult to answer. Rarely do we practice together…Few stay in Bangalore and few in Mangalore. As stunt riding is an illegal sport, we can’t practice where we want… we need to search an interior where movement is less and also we should make sure that we don’t disturb anyone…Yeah!!! Cops use to chase us and warn us. And some places won’t be so good enough to practice…though we make time some day or we keep a team get together ….Where ever we are we come together during shows.

Susan Celina: Do you have students in your team?

Dhanush Rai: I won’t call anyone as students…We have around 40+ members in our team and most of them are learning. Stunters share their knowledge and if their doing well we give chance to perform with our lead stunters in shows.

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Susan Celina: How did you manage to get these bikes, since these bikes are expensive?

Dhanush Rai: Hahaha…No one has a particular bike for stunts…They use the same bike for daily use and also for stunts. As we all are from middle class family we can’t afford to buy a new machines…First of all we promote safety so recently we bought safety gears and helmets for stunters which is very important…Next will be bikes for sure …Our hunt for sponsors are going on who can support us to get machines.

Susan Celina: Why did you all choose stunt… Isn’t not a risky game?

Dhanush Rai: Ummm…ok What if I put the same question to Sachin Tendulkar “Why Cricket, Why not Football”…Just joking…We love bikes …You can save bike is our soul…We don’t want it to be used for same old reason …We wanted to dance with it for its own music…And we love doing it…


Susan Celina: Do you have girls and kids in your team? How do they perform?

Dhanush Rai: We don’t have girls in our team…Hope we had some…ha ha….. We do have kids in our team…As we don’t directly join anyone without proper procedure. As we don’t encourage any minors to do stunts in bikes… Our junior stunters perform in cycles…They are good enough for now…Hopefully they will do much better in future.

Susan Celina: What inspires you all to give an outstanding performance?

Dhanush Rai: All sportsmen we want to show the world what we are capable of. To perform in the bigger platform …Learn more skills. …Get inspired from the best teams…way more to go.


Susan Celina: Any message they would like to give to the youth?

Dhanush Rai: We just want to tell everyone out there is – Its nothing that you can’t, Just practice hard and use proper safety gears for your own safety which will help you a lot to grow …Don’t stunt in public…Don’t encourage stingers who perform stunts in public road…Don’t disturb and don’t get disturbed…sponsors interested in us can reach us out at teamzerogravitymangalore@gmail.com


Susan Celina: Good Luck Guys..!!

Dhanush Rai..Thanks!

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