Clamorworld Exclusive: Sushma Swaraj’s Help To Lalit Modi Reflects BJP’s Double Standards


Sushma Swaraj’s assistance accorded to Lalit Modi to get travel documents from the British authorities is not just a serious blow to BJP’s image as a scam free and a corruption free government but also highlights the kind of hypocrisy and double standards being practised by the BJP Government in power. Despite his passport being revoked by the Indian Government on alleged violation of Foreign Exchange Management Act and a blue corner notice by the enforcement directorate, Swaraj claims her action was motivated by humanitarian concerns for a fellow Indian, or is it really?

Lalit Modi, the man who was termed as a fugitive by BJP representatives after the entire IPL scam broke out is suddenly being viewed as someone who needs help on humanitarian help? Is that a coincidence? Is there a bigger story associated with it? Are there missing links that is unknown to us? Well for now all we have got are mere pointers.

Strangely months after BJP taking over power in the centre his passport was revoked. Not only did the Delhi High Court restore his passport there was no appeal against it by the Government of India either. Some BJP leaders of considerable repute even think he was a fugitive only for the UPA Government!!!

According to some news sources, Swaraj Kaushal, who also happens to be Sushma Swaraj’s husband, has confirmed that he has been Lalit Modi’s lawyer for 22 years now. When the entire scam broke out in 2010, Kaushal was Modi’s guest at the Four Season’s hotel in Mumbai for a night. As per his statement it was to give legal advice to his client Modi.

Another person whose name comes often in the midst of this controversy is UK Labour Party Vice Chairman Keith Vaz. Vaz has alleged been the middleman helping Modi secure travel document on Sushma Swaraj’s request. Vaz had emailed to the head of visas and immigration in UK to get the deal done in a day. Vaz too in his defence has contended that his action on humanitarian grounds. For the rich and powerful Indians, it is believed, he is just a phone call away in times of trouble.

Perhaps it is just a tip of the iceberg. For a government who came into power on unanimous vote against corruption and mal-practice, it is high time they came clean on not just this issue but many similar actions reeking of vested interest. Sacking of Amartya Sen, the appointment of a little known actor FTII chief and filling the education space with many RSS representatives raises the most pertinent question of the hour, is BJP committed to mitigate corruption?

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