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Revealed: What young Indian entrepreneurs fear the most

As many as 61 per cent of students in India consider entrepreneurship as a good prospect to earn a livelihood with a majority from rural areas showing greater willingness to start their own business compared to their urban counterparts, according to a study. The report — Amway India Entrepreneurship Report (AIER) 2017 conducted by Nielsen, however said 71 per cent respondents cited ‘fear of failure’ as the biggest obstacle in […]

The Picture Quote That Changed My Life (And I Accidentally Wrote It)

“Entrepreneurship is a form of art; it’s a form of expression. It lets you be who you want to be, it lets you inspire others to get behind a vision, and it allows you to give back in a way you’ve never given back before. It will test you; it will take every ounce of your energy and your emotion to succeed at it. Entrepreneurship can change the world. It’s […]

How skill backed entrepreneurship will work in India's favour.

If India’s newly-formed Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship & its dynamic leadership under Minister of State Rajiv Pratap Rudy has anything to say about it, India’s young population would be soon thinking entrepreneurship backed by skilled training. Rudy’s very strong realization is that 12 years of education cannot give you a job, but 12 weeks of skill training could make you enabled or free to pursuit self employment with […]