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Mark Zuckerberg reveals his 'greatest regret' in running Facebook

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg testified for nearly 10 hours over two days on Facebook`s privacy and data protection issues before committees of the Senate and House on Tuesday and Wednesday. Here are key points:”It`s clear now we didn`t do enough,” Zuckerberg said on the protection of private user data and to prevent the hijacking of data on millions by Cambridge Analytica. Zuckerberg said Facebook was built as “an idealistic and […]

Facebook says up to 87m people affected in Cambridge Analytica data-mining scandal

More than 300,000 Australians may have had their personal information exposed in the Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal, Facebook has revealed, admitting up to 87 million users around the world may have been affected. The developments came as US congressional officials said CEO Mark Zuckerberg would testify next week, while Facebook unveiled a new privacy policy that aims to explain the data it gathers on users more clearly — but does […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook calls for new regulations to protect data privacy in light of 'dire' problems

Apple CEO Tim Cook has called for new regulations to protect data privacy. Cook spoke on Saturday at the China Development Forum in Beijing, responding to a question about Facebook’s handling of the Cambridge Analytical data harvesting scandal, according to Bloomberg. The consulting firm allegedly purchased profile data on 50million Facebook users from a personality quiz app in violation of the site’s terms of service. ‘I think that this certain […]

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologises for 'major breach of trust', outlines steps to protect user data

Breaking five days of silence, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologised for a “major breach of trust,” admitted mistakes and outlined steps to protect user data in light of a privacy scandal involving a Trump-connected data-mining firm. “I am really sorry that happened,” Zuckerberg said of the scandal involving data mining firm Cambridge Analytica. Facebook has a “responsibility” to protect its users’ data, he said in a Wednesday interview on CNN. […]

Facebook adds new feature to encourage blood donation in India

Social networking giant Facebook is rolling out a new feature that will enable individuals and blood banks to connect easily with donors. The feature, which has been designed for India, will go live from October 1. Facebook will also show a message on user’s News Feed to encourage them to sign up as a donor. They would be asked to share their blood group and whether they have donated blood […]

India overtakes US as Facebook’s No. 1 user

India has overtaken the US to become Facebook’s largest country audience with a total 241 million active users, compared to 240 million in the US. The change at the top of the platform’s country rankings comes just a few days after Facebook announced it has more than two billion monthly users around the world, a report in The Next Web on Thursday said. The portal was quoting figures that the […]

'Not Afraid Of ABVP': Kargil Martyr's Daughter's Facebook Post Goes Viral

She spoke her mind on the attacks on Delhi University students in a 140-word Facebook post and a picture put out hours after the ABVP activists clashed with Ramjas College students this week. Three days later, the Kargil martyr daughter’s social media campaign to protest the “tyranny of fear” unleashed at Delhi University has gone viral. Over 20 students were injured on Wednesday when ABVP activists clashed with students protesting […]

Facebook turns 13, has it peaked or will it hit a ‘growth spurt’ soon?

On February 4, 2004, Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin launched a website called Facebook. The platform was initially limited to only Harvard students but was then slowly expanded to other universities in the US and other countries like Canada, before launching globally. Looking to raise external capital to scale up in 2004, Saverin tried to pitch to Jeremy Levine of Bessemer Venture Partners at a corporate retreat. Agitated by the […]

Facebook declares Mark Zuckerberg, two million others dead

Even though it is not uncommon to read false stories of peoples’ deaths on Facebook; in a weird turn of events, Facebook itself has started declaring people dead – when in fact they are not. A lot of Facebook users were greeted with a eulogy message when visiting the profiles of friends and family, while some found their own accounts memorialised. Even Mark Zuckerberg was declared dead on his Facebook […]

This Indian Who Escaped A Bad Marriage & Started Life Afresh In Amsterdam Deserves Your Respect

The life of a woman in India is still shaped by customs that are centuries old and even though, things have gotten better, strong patriarchal traditions continue to persist in many different ways in our society. Being pushed into a marriage, and having her dreams dissolved into nothingness is still a norm and it is, to be honest, demeaning and pathetic. But recently, Humans of Amsterdam — a Facebook page […]