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Tracing journey Bahubali Waterfall : From Suicide point to film favourite

It was a heady experience watching the Chalakudy River come crashing down the hard granite rocks into a cloud of foaming spray in the lush environs of the Sholayar range. There was something magical about the unbeatable views of the undulating hilly regions which stand sentinel to the falls. The ceaseless music of the myriad falls and the hush of the densely wooded forest surrounding it, lend a special charm […]

ClamorWorld Exclusive: Poovar- A Seaside Heaven!

One thing is sure: if ever your eyes need a balm, head to Kerala. That verdant, lush, watery southern-most state of India. My first experience of a trip to this wonderfully green and clean state is permanently etched in my mind. It was dusk, in the month of May. I found myself in a motorboat, going along pitch-dark backwaters of the dense coconut groves of Kerala. The powerful beam of […]