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After A Long Wait Of 66 Years, Indian Man With A World Record Will Finally Cut His Nails

Have you been shouted at by your mother for keeping your nails too long? Me too! I have no clue how to escape that bubble where my mom keeps a check on me for every tiny thing, even my nails. Anyhow, well that holds true for most of us, it doesn’t fit the case of Shridhar. Shridhar Chillal, an octogenarian from India, will finally perform an ordinary chore that he […]

There Are 10 Dangerous Messages Your Nails Could Be Trying To Tell You.

Have you ever looked at your fingernails and noticed something strange? It’s totally normal to collect nicks and bumps on our nails throughout the course of our days. But there are some things that aren’t so normal… and could be a sign you should visit a doctor. 1. Discolored nails. If your nails are changing color, it could be an important health indicator. Nails that have yellowed could be the […]