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Clamorworld Exclusive: Game Of Thrones Ensues In Karnataka

The Karnataka Assembly election results almost look like a game of chess with way too many pawns in one. The electorate has given a mixed verdict. No single party managed to secure a clear majority. That has only added to the high drama in the state. The parties which were bitterly contesting against each other are suddenly busy courting each other. Earlier during the campaign, the Congress referred to JD(S) […]

My mother is Sushila, father is Salim: Salman

Everybody’s favourite and the Bollywood heartthrob, Salman Khan has raised his voice against intolerance. Salman has finally broken the silence and has spoken bluntly on the matter. In an answer to the question on intolerance, Salman Khan replied, “My father’s name is Salim Khan and my mother’s name is Sushila. We all are Indian and there is no difference.” In response to the question on Shiv Sena’s protest against Ghazal […]

India Votes :Biggest election world has ever seen - A new era for India?

Today, in India’s remote northeastern states of Assam and Tripura, the first wave of the country’s 814 million eligible voters will cast their ballots as the largest election in world history gets underway. Any time the world’s most populous democracy goes to the polls, it’s a momentous undertaking. But with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stepping aside after a decade in charge, analysts say voting will take on an even greater […]