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Cyber agency CERT-In advises Internet users against vote preferences, Aadhaar details sharing on social media, mobile apps

India’s national cyber security agency has cautioned internet users about lurking data thieves and advised them against sharing details such as their vote preferences and Aadhaar details over social media platforms and mobile applications. As the debate over Facebook data breach disclosure intensifies, the Computer Emergency Response Team of India (CERT-In) has issued an advisory asking Facebook and all other social media users to “not share their personally identifiable information […]

Power of Social Media- Old Students Gets lost teacher back

Power of Social Media- Old Students Gets lost teacher back This incident inspires and truly restores our faith in humanity. A lady named Vidya saw an old woman near the Thampanoor railway station who was eating something from the shrubs to appease her hunger. The lady brought food from a nearby tea-stall and gave it to the old woman, and as she was eating, asked her questions, who was she […]

A career worth a million likes

Ever wonder why something becomes a trend on social media? Why do certain posts, videos, photos or tweets get millions of likes and are shared so much that they go ‘viral’ and others don’t? It’s largely because of the work of those who manage the show on social media platforms. Call them social media manager, specialist, coordinator or planner, it’s because of their content creation, strategy and promotions on platforms […]

Jayalalithaa to Manusmriti,all you wanted to know about Kamal Hassan's political views

Ever since the pro-jallikattu protests broke out in Tamil Nadu, actor Kamal Haasan has been actively, frankly and openly expressing his political views on on social media. Speaking to Karthigaichelvan of Puthiya Thalaimurai TV, Kamal said that his political expressions were not new, and that he’d always been interested in politics and found in Twitter a conducive medium. “I was vocal about my views even as a 21-year-old boy. I […]

Mohammed Shami defies haters, posts another photo with wife on social media

Mohammed Shami clearly does not care about Internet trolls or their moral policing. Just days after facing vitriolic abuse on social media for pictures he posted on social media with his wife Hasin Jahan and his daughter, Shami posted another picture with his wife on Sunday. Along with the picture, Shami wrote: I don’t have a friend. Neither is anyone mine nor do I belong to anyone. But seeing you […]

Social media won't affect your ability to concentrate: Study

Frequent use of online social media does not lead to long-term problems with your ability to concentrate, says a new study. These modern communication tools do not, it seems, interfere with our primal instincts, such as long-term attitudes, time appreciation, and concentration, in the way that many critics have suggested in recent years, said the study published in the International Journal Social Media and Interactive Learning Environments. “With the abundance […]

How to Use Social Media for Trend Research

In 1998, the founders of Google set out on a mission to do one thing: organize the world’s information. Google has come a long way since then, however, and so has digital media. Until recently, social media content was somewhat ephemeral: The more content that was created, the more possibilities got lost in the noise. But popular social networks are at last creating order from the chaos, and turning social […]

Rs. 10 Lakhs Offer to Find Burhan, 21, Who is All Over Social Media

The 21-year-old commander of the terror group Hizbul Mujahideen is the star of a new video that’s being circulated on Facebook and WhatsApp in an attempt to recruit young Kashimiri men. Burhan Muzaffar Wani is from a wealthy family in Tral in the southern part of Kashmir. At 15, he joined the deadly terror group after his brother was allegedly assaulted by the army in 2010. There is a 10-lakh […]


Woman battling anorexia pleads for help through social media

  “My name’s Rachael. I need your help,” Rachael Farrokh says, short of breath in a desperate plea for life in a video she posted to YouTube. Farrokh, 37, weighs roughly 40 pounds and has suffered from a severe form of anorexia for more than 10 years. She lives in San Clemente, California, and says her last chance of survival is treatment at a hospital across the country. “In order […]


Skinny Shaming or Redefining Body Standards? I'm No Angel Campaign Heats Up Social Media

In an attempt to redefine the term “sexy”, Lane Bryant – the plus-size lingerie retailor has launched an ad campaign featuring six famous (and gorgeous) plus-sized models wearing their new line, talking about what they think makes them sexy. What’s more, they end the ad by proclaiming “I’m no angel” making a not-so-subtle dig at popular lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret. Victoria’s Secret has come under fire for promoting unrealistic body […]