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I got asked the other day at one of my events whether I had any specific set of habits I followed to become successful. If you’ve wondered the same, the answer is – I do. I have a set of routines and habits that I follow to make sure I make the most of my days… What we choose to focus on determines in large part the meaning of our […]

Revealed: What young Indian entrepreneurs fear the most

As many as 61 per cent of students in India consider entrepreneurship as a good prospect to earn a livelihood with a majority from rural areas showing greater willingness to start their own business compared to their urban counterparts, according to a study. The report — Amway India Entrepreneurship Report (AIER) 2017 conducted by Nielsen, however said 71 per cent respondents cited ‘fear of failure’ as the biggest obstacle in […]

5 negative habits you should give up if you want to be successful

You might have read several articles on the habits you need to adopt in order to get one step closer to becoming a successful version of yourself. But what about some of the habits that you practise on a daily basis which are preventing you from reaching prosperity? Whether it is eating a wholesome breakfast every morning or dragging yourself to the gym, there are several patterns we pledge to […]

Low on motivation? Tell yourself you can do better and you will

When you need inspiration in life but can’t find any, just say ‘I can do better’ to yourself and you would, claim researchers. According to a new study, people using self-talk, like telling oneself ‘I can do better next time’ — performed better than the control group in every portion of the task. The greatest improvements were seen in self-talk-outcome (telling yourself, ‘I can beat my best score’), self-talk-process (telling […]

5 Reasons You Are Not As Successful As You Could Be

When it comes to reaching a goal or a certain status of achievement, there is one thing for sure, you can always continue to reach for more and be more successful. So many people have graduated from College, or started working and forgot what it meant to improve and grow. They lost the hunger and drive they once had for knowledge. The knowledge that they needed to get to the […]

17 things successful people do differently!

Do you know that Amitabh Bachchan was rejected by numerous directors and producers because of his unconventional looks and height? He also failed an All India Radio audition test. Similarly, the very famous J.K Rowling was rejected by 12 publishers before Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone was accepted by Bloomsbury. Michael Jordan is another prime example of the power of rejection. He was cut from the basketball team in […]

Doing it for themselves: Meet the young women who, born of successful fathers, have become business pioneers in their own right

Woman power is a much used and much abused phrase, but it aptly defines Tara Singh Vachani. The daughter of Analjit Singh, chairman of multi-business corporate Max India, Vachani could well have settled down to a life of leisure. But a passion for following her own dreams led her to give up this safety cushion. Vachani, now the CEO of Antara Senior Living – a one-of-a-kind luxury housing home for […]