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16 Dead, 100 Injured In Boiler Blast At NTPC Power Plant In Uttar Pradesh

16 Dead, 100 Injured In Boiler Blast At NTPC Power Plant In Uttar Pradesh At least 16 people were killed and around 100 injured in an explosion at a government-run coal-fired power plant in Uttar Pradesh’s Rae Bareli district on Wednesday afternoon. A statement from the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) reported a “sudden abnormal sound” around 3.30pm at a recently commissioned 500 megawatt unit of the 1550 megawatt (MW) […]

India hospital: 60 children die in Uttar Pradesh

At least 60 children have died at a public hospital in northern India, officials say, amid allegations that the oxygen supply was cut over unpaid bills. Officials in Uttar Pradesh state admitted the supply had been disrupted but said this did not cause the deaths. There was panic at the hospital with relatives trying to support staff using manual breathing bags, local media say. Most victims were at the neonatal […]

UP: Falg-hoisting, singing National Anthem made mandatory in Madrassas on I-Day, event to be videographed

All madrassas in Uttar Pradesh will have to compulsorily hoist the national flag and sing the national anthem on Independence Day, the state government has directed. The Uttar Pradesh Madrassa Shiksha Parishad, the state government body which governs madrassas, issued the letter, with a copy to all district minority welfare officials for compliance. According to the schedule for Independence Day, the flag hoisting will be done at 8 a.m., followed […]

Uttar Pradesh slaughterhouse horror: Hundreds of buffaloes and their young seen lying on a blood-spattered floor, their throats slashed by swords

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES The animals and their offspring were killed in front of one another Bleeding survivors trembled as sword-wielding butchers walked over carcasses to deliver a fatal blow Al-Nasir Exports’ abattoir at Ghaziabad’s Dasna denied the allegations Deserted and quiet during the day, a high-end meat factory near Delhi bursts into activity at night. In the daytime, the sprawling Al-Nasir Exports’ abattoir at Ghaziabad’s Dasna appears to have been […]

UP Elections 2017: Decoding how Modi and Shah won Uttar Pradesh after 26 years

The ‘project’ which was started by LK Advani and Kalyan Singh over two-and-half decades back has finally come a full circle. The state of Uttar Pradesh, a veritable cauldron of humanity, has turned saffron and how! It has defied expectations of pundits, casual observers and many politicians who were busy getting an alternative plan in place bracing for a hung mandate. BJP has won a thumping majority currently leading in […]

Delhi-NCR's Rajghat Power Plant alone dumps 5.5 tonnes of arsenic in the Yamuna every year

Over Rs 1,500 crore spent, and not a drop to show. Atul Chaurasia travels 600 km along the Yamuna and finds the river dying at every bend. AT MATHURA, countless songs fill the air regaling Lord Krishna’s relationship with hisgopis and the Yamuna. One look at the Yamuna today leaves one wondering whether there is anything left of the river of these songs. Instead, it is the masani nullah that catches the eye. […]

Silenced Zia-ul-Haq reportedly had the evidence to nail Raja Bhaiya’s role in the 2012 riots

In Pic :Silenced Zia-ul-Haq . Murder charges and clashes with cops are nothing new for Raja Bhaiya. But his alleged role in the murder of a police officer could derail his charmed life. FEW PEOPLE are able to maintain a life in politics coterminous with a life in crime. Raja Bhaiya, a strongman in Uttar Pradesh, has done exactly that for two decades. But comeuppance is the staple of the men of […]

The Wheels Are Coming Off

In Pic :earning curve Akhilesh Yadav still has a long way to go before stepping out of his father Mulayam’s shadow Hope sprang eternal when Akhilesh Yadav took over as UP’s youngest CM. Virendra Nath Bhatt and Brijesh Pandey chronicle how things have gone awry 10 months on. AFTER GETTING a glowing report card of 100 out of 100 from his father and Samajwadi Party (SP) supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav on the […]

Why is Behenji missed?

At a time when Akhilesh Yadav led-government in Uttar Pradesh is embroiled in charges of mismanagement, corruption and power struggle, one can’t help but remember Yadav’s predecessor. A lot of people may hate Mayawati for various reasons. Yet there could be no denying that there were still ample reasons why one would love the 57-year old heiress of the political empire founded by her mentor Kanshi Ram, who gave that […]