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Daily yoga practice improves sperm quality: AIIMS study

A daily yoga routine significantly improve sperm quality, according to a study conducted by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). The study, which was published in Nature Review Urology, an international medical journal, early this year, was conducted by experts in the Department of Anatomy at AIIMS in collaboration with the Department of Urology and Obstetrics and Gynaecology. The major cause of defective sperm function is DNA damage. […]

Muslim girl threatened for teaching yoga, sharing stage with Swami Ramdev

Muslim girl threatened for teaching yoga, sharing stage with Swami Ramdev Ranchi-based yoga instructor Rafiya Naaz has come under the attack from Muslim clerics for practicing and teaching yoga to orphan kids. Rafiya, 20, said that she has received threat messages on her social media page for sharing dais with renowned yoga guru Baba Ramdev.   Her house was even stoned by unidentified miscreants here following which she approached the […]

5 Yoga Poses to Welcome the Spring

As the days start getting longer and spring flowers are suddenly abundant, there’s a feeling of newness and possibility in the air. Some of us, having spent months hunched against bitter cold, can finally enjoy glimpses of expansive blue skies and know that summer isn’t far away.To shake off our winter coats, literally and metaphorically, here are 5 yoga poses… As the days start getting longer and spring flowers are […]

How To Increase Your Libido With Yoga?

A study dating back to 2009 showed that a “regular yoga practice improves several aspects of sexual function in women, including desire, arousal, orgasm and overall satisfaction.” Yoga improves flexibility and helps increase circulation to our pelvic region. In the tantric sense, that would mean that your Muladhara and svadisthana chakra gets the needed energy and helps awaken it. It makes you express your physical self better with your partner. […]

Clamorworld Exclusive - Yoga In European Parliament

It is the stuff that history is made of. For the first time ever members from every political parties across the European Union united to come together as the Art Of Living Guru addressed the European Parliament on the Yoga Way.  An issue that has been trending on twitter the whole day and created quite a stir in the international arena, it was a rare experience. Greeted by a standing […]


Cuteness overload: Watch these pets ruin their owners' yoga routine

A recent video that went viral tells the story that every health conscious pet owners know way too well. The video shows adorable pets ruining their owners yoga routines. Yes, if this video is any indication, pets, especially dogs and cats, think that every time their owners tries a headstand, it is time to show them some love. That’s why, in this video, we see a dog rush to lick […]

6 Myths You Believe About Yoga

The popularity of yoga has witnessed a continuous rise over the last decade. More and more westerners are seen joining Yoga practice groups, or are downloading information available on the Internet for practicing yoga at home. The flip side of the story is that all kinds of myths and misconceptions are spreading about yoga. While some of the myths, if taken to be true, could prove to be quite harmful […]

Beat bad mood with yoga

Los Angeles: When you’re having one of those days when you just can’t seem to shake off a bad mood and fume at every little thing, try doing yoga. Here are a few yoga poses to get you back into a good mood, reports people.com: * Open your heart with wheel pose: Sometimes when you’re in a bad mood, you just need to take deep breaths and oxygenate your body. […]