echo ''; Clamorworld » In everyday life every one of us comes across various experiences, incidents which we either don’t share with anyone or share with family members and friends. Print media, electronic media and various medium shows the news, but its ends up showing one sided of the story. We never come to know the other side of story. With so much happening every day, every second across our neighborhood, society, and world it’s difficult for the news media to cover all the news. Many times we have felt wish we could share our voice, opinion, thoughts with the world. Many a times we have felt the frustration, anger and helplessness for not being able to do anything about an incident. Have you ever felt, for a good cause, you need support, but don’t know how to garner the support and attention. So, now you have an option ““. This is a platform to share everything you want to. A website 100% runs by the people for the people. The world is waiting to listen to your voice, the voice which has kept you suppressed so far. If you do not want to share the incident, event personally, please send it to us at, and we will share it on your behalf and assure to keep your name confidential. Let’s make this world a peaceful and a happy place to live. » Take a tour on Mars with National Geographic Channel

Take a tour on Mars with National Geographic Channel

The possibility that we will have to look at another planet for sustenance as an entire race is looming. When we think of a planet that can sustain us, Mars is the only one that comes to mind. While Elon Musk works on making that a reality , we put together a slideshow that shows you what you’re in for.

NatGeo has recently launched its largest scale production to date – MARS. It is a series that will take the viewers to the red planet and explain the possibility of life on MARS through its six-part series. The first part is already out and the second episode airs on Monday, 21st November 2016.

Based on a documentary – drama, it imagines humankind’s first harrowing attempt to inhabit the distant planet. Take a look.

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