Taramani teaser looks at the dark side of urban dating

The teaser of the upcoming Tamil film Taramani, which was released on Thursday, shows a man-woman relationship in an urban setting from a woman’s perspective. The nearly one-and-a-half minute trailer makes you uncomfortable from the start — simply in the manner in which the men speak about women and vis-a-versa.

The trailer begins with an online chat session where we see a girl looking into a web cam (we presume it is so). At the other end a guy asks about her new hairstyle and suddenly pops a question about her ‘top’ (t-shirt). The directness of the questioning hits you, and you sense, something is not right. At one point, the girl stands up to show her smart shorts.

The next few frames show us a group of men (one of them being actor Ravi) discussing their exes with one suggesting to the other that he can take the number of his ex girlfriend and ‘torture’ her! Don’t spare her, he adds. Soon after, actor Andrea Jeremiah is at a night club with a friend and compliments her for having a ‘good husband’. To which the girl retorts: “In dogs, where’s a good dog or a bad dog? Dogs are dogs. You just have to throw them the correct biscuits.” Hell, what is this? There is much close dancing, drinks and dark corners of a club… and we get what the director is hinting at.

The trailer ends with Ravi asking Andrea to hook up — Sleep with me, he tells her. A shocked Andrea shows him the middle finger and walks off.

Taramani is directed by Ram and the music is by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

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