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TEAM VADOARA MARATHON announces NRI HOME-COMING RUN at the event of Navratri in NJ.

L to R: Mr. Nilesh Pathak (President, VCCI), Mr. Tushar Unadkat (CEO, MUKTA Advertising), Shree Atul Purohit, Ms. Tejal Amin (Founder, VM), Ms. Deepa Pathak and Mr. Amit Pathak (Founders, Be United)

On Saturday, September 2, BE UNITED LLC organized event of NAVRATRI (literally means “nine nights”), a multi-day Hindu festival celebrated in the autumn every year, with India’s legendry Garba singer Shree Atul Purohit at the National Guard Armory in Morris town and continue to tour 14 different States of America this season.

Navratri is observed for different reasons and celebrated differently in various parts of the Indian subcontinent, however, over 5000 attendees in Morris town unite for India and its years old heritage.

“Growing up in Vadodara, a culturally rich city, I fell in love with the traditional and original folk music of Gujarat and my simple inspiration to bring this dance festival to 14 States of America is to share happiness with friends and family,” explains Mr. Amit Pathak, Co-Founder, and Executive Director of BE UNITED LLC (2015).

“It is a blessing and an immense sense of satisfaction for me, to have Ms. Tejal Amin inaugurate our first event of this season along with Team Vadodara Marathon,” claims Mr. Pathak, an ex-student of Navrachana Higher Secondary School, Vadodara.

L to R: Shree Atul Purohit, Mr. Tushar Unadkat (CEO, MUKTA Advertising), Ms. Tejal Amin (Founder, VM), Mr. Nilesh Pathak (President, VCCI).

L to R: Shree Atul Purohit, Mr. Tushar Unadkat (CEO, MUKTA Advertising), Ms. Tejal Amin (Founder, VM), Mr. Nilesh Shukla (President, VCCI).

Ms. Tejal Amin is also the Founding Director and Chairperson, Organizing Committee of the Vadodara Marathon, a non-profit company which holds the very popular Marathon and other programs in the city for creating civic awareness and raising funds for improving infrastructure and quality of life in Vadodara. The Association of International Marathon (AIM), Greece, has given the Vadodara Marathon the title “Smallest City Biggest Marathon”.

Chairperson of the 50-year old Navrachana Education Society, and the Navrachana University provides schooling to over 10,000 students every year, Ms. Amin is a director of Jyoti Ltd. and a full-time director of JSL Industries, Mogar, both leading engineering Companies in India.

“This year, the NRI Home-Coming Run is a terrific initiative by VM that welcomes and encourages the Non-Resident Indians to participate in this journey of changing Gujarat for the betterment,” said Tushar Unadkat, Canadian and a “Torch of Seva” pledger at the OPaL Vadodara International Marathon – February 5, 2017.

Torch of Seva’ has 23 leading citizens as ‘Pledgers’, with each Pledger raising a minimum of 500,000 (Rupees Five Lakhs) in 1 year, for charities/NGO’s of their choice, within India. Total amount being raised through ‘Torch of Seva’ for 2017 is minimum of 1,15,00,000/- (Rupees One Crore, Fifteen Lakhs) equivalent to $2,18,000 CAD (approx.).

Vadodara Marathon (VM) was incepted in 2009; and is accredited to Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) and BDAAA (Baroda District Amateur Athletics Association). It is the largest international sporting event in Gujarat, and the 2nd largest Marathon in India.

2018 Vadodara Marathon is scheduled on January 7 at 5:00am on Polo Grounds, Vadodara and registration is now open. For more information visit:


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