The best ways to gain good karma


What is Karma

Before we learn how to gain good karma, let’s address the basic question – “What is Karma”? Karma can be seen as a law – a law that governs our thoughts, words and actions. Now, we can discover ten powerful ways to accumulate good Karma. Following these few important points will definitely enable us to attract good luck into our lives as well as bring in tremendous good fortune…

Wear a Smile

Smiling is a simple gesture, but not everyone makes use of it. When people smile, they feel good about themselves and make the surrounding environment – the workplace, school or home – much more positive.

Practice the 3 R’s

Respect for others, respect for oneself, and responsibility for one’s actions, are the three R’s which help in accumulating good karma.

Correct your mistakes immediately

All of us make mistakes. It is, however, important to correct those mistakes. We might have hurt somebody without realizing it. But once we realize that we are at fault, it is important to take corrective action immediately.

Listen more, talk less

Often, the best thing to say is nothing at all. That’s not to avoid saying the wrong thing, but to stay quiet long enough to listen to others. It can be the greatest gift we have to offer – simply listening actively and truly hearing what others have to say.

Offer forgiveness

We’ve all been treated badly sometime or the other, in life. We’ve all done things to other people that we regret. But if you want to spread good karma, sometimes the best way to do so is to forgive people for some of the bad vibes they’ve sent your way.

Share knowledge

This is a highly effective way to create good karma. Sharing knowledge will bring to your life massive good fortune.

Give compliments

Giving compliments is like smiling with your voice. It makes people feel better and more confident. But don’t just compliment – think and find something you truly appreciate or adore in that person. In other words, mean what you say.

Be compassionate

Evil walks tall where there is the absence of compassion. So, remember to be compassionate towards your fellow human beings. This will, undoubtedly, fetch you good karma.

Spread love

Love life, friends, family, and yourself. Love does make the world go ’round.

Search for wisdom

Search for Wisdom. Through wisdom, you make better decisions. Great decisions lead to great outcomes, and thus, an awesome life

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