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Baba Sai took Maha Samadhi on October 15th 1918. Moments before He left His physical body, He called out to Laxmi Mai who had all Her life served Baba. Baba slowly put His hand in His right pocket & removed five coins & from His left pocket of the Kafni He removed four coins. He handed the nine coins to Laxmi Ma. He then told her in a soft whisper, as His breath was slowly leaving His body. “These nine coins keep with you. There are nine qualities required to win one’s God, Goddess & Guru.

The first coin is absence of false ego. Second is absence of jealousy. Third is to be devoid of attachments, which separate one from God. Fourth is selfless service without personal gain. The fifth stands for complete faith in one’s God, Goddess, Guru. The sixth reminds all seekers to have a calm & peaceful nature always in life. Seventh represents the constant yearning to know the eternal truth. Eight stands for being devoid of envy. The ninth stands for being humble, not to be filled with pride & not indulge in slander & gossip & finding flaws in others.

The first coin signifies to keep company of saints and good human beings and reading and listening to words of The Master.

The Second coin signifies reading or hearing of the Sacred texts.

The third coin represents ,to always serve The Guru selflessly and only with love without seeking anything from The Guru, as The Guru always knows what is best for each one.

The fourth coin signifies that on the path one has to do away with false ego, wrong thoughts, words & deeds & always be selfless & with love surrendered to your God, Goddess & God.

The fifth coin is to spend all your life in prayers & chanting which is Nam Smaran

The Sixth coin means to try your best to keep working on your character flaws and inherent tendencies that take you away from the path.

The Seventh coin makes it clear that no matter what goes on in one’s life, to go through life with calmness and positive acceptance of one’s lot after giving one’s best to each moment, taking whatever life dishes out to you then , as a blessings and prasad of The Lord.

The Eight coin stands for having calm patience no matter what.

The ninth coin represents faith, the pure faith that your Master knows what is best for you, irrespective of what you think or want or feel. 

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