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The Placebo Effect – Evidence Of Mind’s Healing Powers


What is the Placebo Effect?

It is the capacity for the mind/body to heal itself without any medical intervention. In fact, I asked some 30 years ago if I could use the Placebo Effect as the base of my first PhD thesis. I wasn’t allowed to. I couldn’t understand why. If the placebo effect is so strong, why do studies have to take it into consideration and significant results have to be above and beyond the placebo effect.

Now, we have to remember that Big Pharma did change the rules and they only need to show 1 in 10 as opposed to the traditional 32-38% placebo effect.

Why does it work?

But regardless of who determines what rules…what we should be looking at is how the placebo effect works and who it works best with. Is it because of belief? Or is it because of how the protocol is delivered – is it because of the way a practitioner presents the treatment? Is it because of the good relationships/support around the person? Is it because of the generalized attitude the client has towards life and what is going on in their life?

I practiced as a Registered Psychologist for some 20 years and saw how powerful the mind is, over and over again. Now as I work as a Dr of Natural Medicine, I engage the person in the modality that they most connect with. Even when the client wants to use synthetic, artificial drugs – I will support the client and their choice because their belief is so powerful and can help the body heal.

As a consequence, I designed to get degrees and designations in all the different healing modalities and continue to do research with all the different types of supplements, so that I can provide the client with the protocol that best fits their belief system. Allow their belief system to guide the healing modality and direct the mind to engage in the healing process.

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