‘The Road Movie’ Trailer

‘The Road Movie’ Trailer

Ready for a wild road trip? Then buckle-up for The Road Movie trailer. The film is a compilation of dashboard camera footage shot across various roads in Russia, and it looks wild. This is one of those weirdo ideas that almost seems like a joke, but is apparently very real. And that’s worth getting excited about.

Billed in the trailer as something “between Faces of Death and Jackass,” The Road Movie is an onslaught of the insanity of humanity, served up through the unfiltered lens of a dash cam, often with a bit of amusingly nonplussed commentary from the driver. “Oh fucking hell, a bear. That’s just what I needed.” Wildlife, explosions, and “world-class stupidity,” The Road Movie has it all.

The Road Movie comes from director Dmitrii Kalashnikov and arrives in theaters on January 19, 2018.

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