The stunning mountains where China collects bags of fresh air


“The best place to capture the view of the temple and the pavilions like this one is from Ma Zong Ridge,” says Khurram Zhang, a spokesperson of Laojun Mountain Nature Reserve. 

“Sunset is the best time to photograph Jin Dian (Golden Pavillion).”

The nature reserve is a combination of Taoist culture and natural beauty. The scenic area is scattered with 16 Taoist temples. Six of them have been renovated for visitors.

Shi Li Hua Bing, meaning “10-mile painted screen,” is a newly developed tourist spot in the Laojun Mountain Nature Reserve.

Zhengzhou was ranked 10th in a Greenpeace list of worst polluted cities in China. Citizens lined up this week for a chance to fill their lungs with air from Laojun Mountain.


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