What do you think belief is?
Belief is a beautiful word. Belief is a feeling of acceptance. It improves our personality and builds character. That is why it is important to have a good belief system.

What does belief teach us?
It teaches us self confidence, and the strength to deal with anything and everything.
And, there are people out there who simply accept whatever fate brings them. But I tell you belief is something that you “Cultivate” everyday in the garden of life.

I’d add that a belief can also be untrue, but the person who holds it must think it is true. Nevertheless, you have to pick your battles.

In my life I’ve always made choices. I must say this positive believing is the foundation for dreams, once you start believing in something you start thinking about it, and then the actual preparation starts. Every negative belief weakens the partnership between mind and body.

Being an empowerment coach, I do conduct seminars internationally and people often ask me if I can motivate others. The answer is NO, I cannot. People motivate themselves what I can do, however is inspire them to motivate themselves.

I believe in nurturing people’s strengths and assisting them with their developmental needs. Honestly, to me inspiration is thought; motivation is action.

The word “I CAN”, is all you need, once you have that, everything else will fall to its respective places. You can definitely learn a skill but you need to start with enthusiasm, excitement, curiosity and most importantly the belief in yourself.

Many a times people often fail to believe in their own strengths, and they seek to put negative interpretations on themselves. Such as:

1. Fear of failing, fear of rejection.
2. The word “I CAN’T”, echoes constantly in their ears and are really scared about the outcomes.
3. People just refuse to take up risks.
4. Doubting on yourselves by comparing your skills with others.
5. Making excuses and postponing things.

Well, the solutions are very simple.
– The whole idea of the word “I can’t” could be easily explained here.

Like, riding a bicycle is really easy for a child, whereas for an adult who doesn’t know how to ride a bicycle will find an excuse saying:

I’ll fall down, I’ll fracture my bone, it’s difficult. In this context, the word “I can’t” goes round and round by forming an infinite excuse loop.

–       Once, the word I CAN’T encroaches you. You start giving excuses. Like I don’t like it , I don’t know if I can do it , I’m not sure, it’s too difficult, tough. The moment you meet the people who have done things easily like the one who has climbed Mount Everest it becomes really possible in your mind. It may seem difficult for you that you may not climb but however you’ll realize YES, people have done it and then you start believing that YOU CAN do it.

–       When you want to achieve something big in your life, risks are part and parcel of your venture. Once you cross the lane of risk believe me the success is waiting on the other side of it, and you just need to have the courage to take the leap of faith.

–       Every person is unique in their own ways, just trust your instincts. Start discovering your SELF. Don’t be envious about others talent, you might not know how incredible you are, until and unless you begin.
So stop comparing and start creating.

–       One of the easiest things one could ever do is postponing. Being lazy is one of the most frequent excuses which people give. So, don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

What I really explore in my programs is, if a little shift in your mind set happens that can have major and big outcome and that outcome can help you grow exponentially in your work, in your personal life, in your relationships, and of course it will bring success in whatever you do. So whether you’re an entrepreneur who is wanting to start business or you already have a well established business and you want to grow multifold you can do it, whether you are a mother who wants to nurture their child to best of their capabilities, all you need to do is find this little tools of I CAN and many more which really makes life enjoyable, livable, and happening. So, these are the things that make you closer to your dreams. Buckle up, and live your dreams by exploring your inner self.

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