These Images Of Siberia’s Lake Burlinskoye Turning A Beautiful Pink In Summer Are Just Stunning

Kinda like pink snow in the Arctic and the naturally pink lagoon in Mexico, Lake Burlinskoye in Siberia also turns an amazing hue of pink each summer between late August and October, and it’s quite the sight for sore eyes.While the snow turning pink was as dangerous as it was bizarre, Lake Burlinskoye’s powder-pink beauty lies in the fact that it doesn’t have a river flowing in or out of it (the term for it is endorheic) and the mineral deposits lying stagnant in it end up attracting microscopic brine shrimp called ‘Artemia salina’.Top this with warm summer weather that’s perfect for the three-eyed, 22-legged shrimps to thrive in and you get what looks like a lake filled to the brim with Cosmopolitans. If only..

The lake usually turns an amazing pink during summer.

Like, really pink!

The lake reportedly has the largest deposit of salt in Western Siberia.

It was Ural miner Prokofy Davydov who established a settlement called Bursol for the purpose of extracting salt.

Salt mining had stopped here after the collapse of the Soviet empire but picked up again recently. 

This is how far into the lake these trains equipped with salt harvesters can go. 

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