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This act of kindness by a rickshaw driver will give you hope for a better world


Incidents of crime, hate speech and scams in the news do tend to create a cynical impression of the world around us, as so much negativity can even drive people to stop viewing the news completely.

The social media is further filled with controversies, negative responses to news and Twitter spats, as it erupts every time a controversial development is reported. But numerous positive stories from day to day life are also shared on the social media everyday, as they restore hope for a better world.

One such act of exemplary kindness was shared by Rameez Shaikh from Mumbai on Facebook, as he narrated how an auto driver named Shuklaji who helped him when he had to go for Friday prayers, when he forgot his wallet in the office.

Not only did the Shukla drop Rameez to the mosque for free, but also gave him money to take a rickshaw back to his office, since he wasn’t unable to wait and couldn’t have taken Rameez back to his office.

Here’s the full post:
I hurriedly went down from office to catch an auto-rickshaw to reach Masjid for the Friday congregational prayer (“Namaaz-e-Jumma’h”). As soon as I sat in the auto I realised that I had forgotten my wallet in my office in the rush. I requested the auto guy to drop me at the Masjid and wait till I pray (for 15-20 minutes) and drop me back; and that I will pay him more than the fare.

The auto guy (who was pasting a “Ganpati Utsav” sticker on his windshield as I entered in his auto) told me: “Aap bhagwan ke kaam ke liye jaa rahe ho, aap tension matt le… mai chhodd deta hu aap ko… lekin mai wait nahi kar paaugaa… mujhe aagey jaanaa hoga..”
I thanked him for that and sat in his auto (as otherwise I would have missed my prayers).
Now as he dropped me at the Masjid he did something which I never expected. He got cash out of his pocket and offered me so that I can get back to my work place after finishing the prayers. Since he could not wait for me, he wanted to ensure that I get back to my work place conveniently. He was very sincerely telling me not to feel embarrassed for that…

I could not thank him anymore…
Meet Shukla ji (the man in the picture inserted)… Could be a stereotype breaker for some… An “Autowala” “Ganpati bhakt” with “Large red tilak on forehead” going out of his way to make sure that a fellow human of another faith gets to pray his Deity with all the peace….

Happy to see that my post has touched so many hearts. It has reached thousands of individual through sharing, resharing and through other forums / pages. The aggregate estimated likes must have crossed over a lakh within 2 days…

To clarify, many people were concerned why I took his money for the return journey (as I could have paid any other auto guy after reaching office); and whether I repaid him at all?” 😀
=> Actually in the post I just wanted to highlight Shukla ji’s gesture of offering money and that too with such earnestness -> by telling me not to feel embarrassed in taking the amount…

Though ultimately I didn’t take the cash he offered. Yes, I noted his mobile number and paid him his fare later in that same evening (before making the original post on FB). Though he never intended or asked for the money.

Another interesting thing is that when I called him to pay, he modestly underplayed the whole incident as if nothing great had happened. I insisted, went over to him and paid him his fare. He made me look like I did a great job paying him back 🙂 Still I didn’t feel I “repaid” his gesture. That’s why I made the FB post.

I don’t think he has a smartphone and I am planning to gift him print-outs of few comments and messages that people have been making for him.
PS 1: I have been getting multitudes of friendship request. Sorry I cannot accept all. 🙂 Shukla ji is the hero not me… Lol 😀 Also that I got married recently 😉 Haha 😀 😀
PS 2: I feel we should all come out and share the positivities we experience on social media. There’s too much hatred out here. The reason for hatred is not that only negativity prevails… but that easily only negativity sells… So unless “We” the people buy it positivity is not gonna sell.
So lets take some time out of our busy lives and share / sell the positivities around… 🙂

The heart-warming tale of kindness not only restored Rameez’s faith in humanity, but also struck a chord with internet users, as it has been shared more than 5000 times. Some users even identified Shuklaji and commented about his kindness.

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