This Ad Will Give You a Reason to Watch India vs Pakistan, Should a Reason be Required

INDIA: The battleground is ready. The flags are out. And should you need a reason to watch the India-Pakistan World Cup 2015 match that’s coming up, here is a video spot that will make you nostalgic and laugh at the same time.

It all starts with a young Pakistani man watching the arch-rivals play in the 1992 World Cup in Australia on his television at home in Karachi. Just as he picks out his firecrackers to celebrate Pakistan’s win, he watches his team losing.

Deflated, he puts the firecrackers away. Cut to 1996 – the firecrackers are out but have to be put away again. And again in 1999, 2003 and 2011, as the young man ages, marries and becomes father to a young boy himself. The firecrackers remain in their box, still unexploded and festooned with cobwebs.Will they finally be set off in 2015?

Defending champs India play Pakistan on Sunday, February 15 and is expected to be viewed by over a billion people across the world, making it the most watched cricket match ever. Can’t wait for Sunday, right? Till then, keep calm and watch this ad.

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