This Car Runs on Saltwater and Has a Range of 1000km



We know the company nanoFlowcell AG has been working on whacky concepts but all of them are to serve one purpose – working towards the betterment of the environment. The company had revealed their first concept car at the Geneva Motorshow last year called the e-Sportlimousine and this year there’s another one and it gets its energy from saltwater!

It’s called the Quantino and is smaller than the e-Sportslimousine which has now been christened as the Quant F. The Quantino is a smaller, more affordable model, with a rated voltage of only 48 Volts which allows it to achieve a power output of four times 25 kW. Well, this roughly corresponds to 136bhp, through a combination of a nanoFlowcell buffer system and electric motors.

According to the company this set-up provides the Quantino with a top speed of over 200 km/h in all-electric mode and a range of over 1000 km. Impressive right! The car is more like a hatchback (though the company says it’s a crossover) and doesn’t even cross the 4 metre mark, yet is spacious enough to seat 4 people.

The Quantino comes with two 175-litre tanks, and hence is able to carry 350 litres of ionic liquid in total – one tank with a positive charge and one with a negative charge. Refueling is done by filling the two tanks simultaneously, each with a different fluid and we know when salt dissolves in water, it comes apart into ions with positive and negative electrical charge and this is what powers the Quantino.

This new saltwater-powered car will be, as nanoFlowcell states, affordable. They also say that this is not just a concept but they plan to bring it out this year and are only awaiting road approval but we will get more details about the car when it’s unveiled at Geneva next week.

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