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This Independence Day, The Tiranga Has a Message for Every Indian

“I was born in 1947, made out of hand-spun cotton on a charkha, dyed in the three colours of courage, peace and the earth. I symbolize Independence…”

As India prepares to celebrate its 69th Independence Day on August 15, this powerful video has a poignant message for every Indian — ‘Freedom is the absolute truth… and in truth there is valour…’

Put beautifully in words by Priyan Redican and expressed by six dancers in Bhatnatyam and Mohini Attam, five mminute video tries to explain the meaning of freedom and why we should not take it for granted

India is just a country,
mere lines on a map,
and I’m just a flag,
a simple piece of cloth,
We’re nothing but mere ideas,
reflections of your passions,
we’re nothing but you fighting for freedom anew…

Watch the video and let the powerful words inspire you.

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