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This is what happens when you put cut up onions in your socks while you sleep

Whether or not you like the pungent veggie, we all know that onions are viewed mostly as food.

Did you know you could also use an onion to clean your grill? That, however, is not the strangest thing you can do with

We recently heard rumblings that onions can actually heal you by putting them in your socks and sleeping with them by your feet at night. Apparently it can help alleviate cold, flu, and fever-like symptoms.

In fact, a few people who have heard about sleeping with onions in their socks have given it a whirl.

Studies reveal that onions can enhance antioxidant status in the body, protect kidney poisoning, reduce breast cancer risks, lower the risk of prostate cancer, and more. In Chinese medicine, onions help purify blood without needing to ingest it. Benefits can occur when the onion is applied via the neural pathways of the feet.  

Onions are known as air purifiers and when applied to skin, they can kill germs and bacteria. In addition, onions contain phosphoric acid (the stuff that makes you cry), which upon entering the bloodstream, purifies the blood and kills bacteria or germs.

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