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This is why you should eat tomatoes!


We all love to eat tomatoes as they are an implausibly versatile food and a powerhouse of nutritional benefits. This juicy fruit is also considered good for health as it contain Vitamin C that helps in increasing one’s immunity. It also contain several other vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, copper and dietary fibres that are necessary for a good health.

Tomatoes helps in curing skin and eye diseases as the fruit contains vitamin A, flavonoid B complex, thiamine, folates, niacin, etc.

High blood pressure
Tomatoes contains rich amount of minerals and nutrients that help in preventing our body from high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Healthy bones and teeth
The fruit is good for bone and teeth as it is rich in calcium that improves bone strength and bone formation in the body. It is also helps in maintaining a healthy teeth.

Boosts immunity
Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A that helps in boosting immunity and also help avoid common cold and influenza.

Good for eyes
Tomatoes contain high amounts of Vitamin A that has been associated with excellent eyesight, and a deficiency of this vitamin causes night blindness. Tomato seeds thus helps in improving eyesight.

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