This LEGO ship has landed in record books for being the world’s largest

A new Guinness world record for the largest LEGO ship has been set in Denmark, where employees of a shipping company successfully constructed the incredible 2,860 kg boat using over one million interlocking plastic bricks.

The blue and white LEGO boat measures 12.035 metres in length.
The new Guinness World Records title was confirmed at an event organised to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the shipping and transport services company DFDS A/S in Copenhagen.

It took 900 person hours to build and thousands of DFDS employees from across the world got on board, assisted in the challenge by a few LEGO building professionals, Guinness said.

The enormous ship was christened ‘Jubilee Seaways’. At the traditional naming ceremony, a LEGO bottle of champagne was smashed against the side of the plastic boat.

The Jubilee Seaways will be taken around Europe in a container truck to give people the chance to admire the record-breaking creation.

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