This satire on what Indian censors ‘cut’ is hilarious and kinda true

There have been so many times the Central Board of Film Certification and the filmmakers have been at loggerheads over cuts. Such is the nature of the relationship, we believe. The filmmakers’ creativity and vision is often left at the mercy of the censor board, but there is no denying the fact that the CBFC has to adhere to rules and regulations. However, when the two clash, it’s not a pretty sight. Case in point, the Shahid Kapoor starer Udta Punjab.

This satire titled “S*** Indian Censors Say” takes a witty stand on what words are often beeped and edited out from Indian films. The sarcastic side commentary will leave you on the floor laughing. This short video featuring Richa Chadda, Namrata Rao and Kartik Krishnan is an absolute must-watch in times like these.

Watch video:

Disclaimer: The contents of this video has strong language and profane words.

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