This Trailer Of Shabana Azmi’s ‘Sonata’ Shows Why Friendships Are Greater Than Relationships

No matter how annoying or troublesome your friends get, the quality ones are always for the keeps. They say friendship is greater than love, for love can fade away with time but this bond is something that gets better with age, just like wine

Aparna Sen’s upcoming film Sonata is a take on friendship and female bonding. It stars Sen along with veteran actress Shabana Azmi and renowned theatre artist Lillete Dubey. The plot of the film revolves around three single working women in Mumbai. Aruna Chaturvedi is a Sanskrit professor, Dolon Sen, a banker, and Subhadra Parekh, a journalist.

The film explores how they handle mid-life crisis and deal with loneliness and other complexities with life and still manage to be there for each other.

Check out the trailer :

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