This unique wedding invitation of a Kerala couple has Shashi Tharoor and Netizens impressed!


An innovative wedding invitation from Kerala is going viral for all the right reasons and has got everyone, including Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, impressed! The invite that captures the ‘chemistry’ between the couple Soorya and Vithun quite literally, was written using symbols of chemical elements and their union was described as bonding! Yes, perfect analogy, isn’t it?

Calling it a “perfect chemistry”, the wedding invite represented the bride and the groom as “two atoms”, each denoted with their own unique symbol Sa and Vn, representatively. The card read, “The atoms, Vithun and Soorya have decided to be a molecule with the activation energies from both parents. Requesting your latency with reactants and products on the bonding ceremony.”

And all these chemistry talks weren’t restricted to just the invitation message, the information about the wedding date and venue too had a chemical twist! While the wedding date was referred to as a “reaction on”, the venue was dubbed as a “laboratory”. And as if all these weren’t mighty impressive already, they also incorporated a diagram representing ‘LOVE’ using molecular structure and links between covalent bonds!

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