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This Video on the Sacrifices of Army Men and Their Families Will Bring You to Tears

A nation doesn’t become great just by the progress it makes. There are hundreds of men who sacrifice their family lives to protect their country on the borders, and thousands of police officers who miss special occasions for their duty of protecting the people.

Somehow we forget to remember these sacrifices they make for our nation. But their passion for their country is so pure and deep-rooted that if given a chance, they would do it all over again.

This video was created as tribute to Major Mukund Varadarajan who was an officer in the Rajput Regiment of the Indian Army and was awarded the Ashok Chakra in 2014, which is the highest Indian gallantry award. Unfortunately in April 2015, Varadrajan lost his life in an anti-terrorist operation.

This video gives you a glimpse of what Major Mukund sacrificed for the nation and how his family, especially his wife coped with this loss.

The end of the video will truly make you proud. Kudos to women like her!

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