Top 15 quotes of PM Modi from his Wembley address


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday addressed the Indian community at the packed Wembley Stadium in London.

Some 60,000 members of the Indian community gathered at Wembley Stdium, which hosts rock concerts and soccer matches, for what is billed as the biggest reception for PM Modi abroad.

The crowd gathered here chanted Modi, Modi through his 80-minute speech.

Before addressing the Indian diaspora here, the Prime Minister, in a rare and royal moment, met Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace and had the pleasure of sharing a private lunch with her highness.

 Top 15 quotes of PM Modi from his Wembley Stadium address

1. India has no reason to remain poor. we harbor poverty for no reason. (Bhaarat jawani se bharaa desh hai, koi kaaran nahin ki hum gareeb rahe) Such a youthful nation like India cannot lag behind in development. I can say that after my experience during the last 18 months: PM

2. Show me one Indian who is not proud when they see Mahatma Gandhi’s statue outside the British Parliament.

3. India is full of diversity. This diversity is our pride and it is our strength. People are surprised to see such a diverse nation as ours live in harmony.

4. (Agar Sufi parampara balwaan hui hoti, Islam mei jisne Sufi parampara samjhi hoti…woh haath mei kabhi bandook nahin leta) If Sufism had been allowed to have more influence on Islam, no one would have ever taken up a gun in their hands.

5. You all are true ambassadors of India in UK. Wherever we go we show people how to live in harmony, how to care for everyone around.

6. World sees India as a land of opportunities. And we will make sure that our nation is shoulder to shoulder with the World.

7. (Hum duniya se meherbaani nahin chahatein, hum chahatein hain barabari) We don’t want world’s kindliness, we want equal rights.

8. The two main challenges facing the world today are terrorism and global warming. Responsibility to fight terrorism and global warming is every human’s and every nation’s. India can show the World the path to fight both terrorism and global warming. We are already on that path and we will stick to it.

9. If even after so many years of independence there are villages with no electricity, should I not work to change that? 18000 villages in India need electricity. In next 1000 days we will ensure they get it.

10. When I stood at the Red Fort and talked about cleanliness, people raised their eyebrows. But if my Bharat Mata is clean and swacch, won’t we all be proud and happy?

11. We want to balance the two FDIs- Foreign Direct Investment and First Develop India. FDI into India has increased by 40 per cent. Shows the increasing international confidence in India.

12. Two dreams that we are working towards- a clean India and India with 24/7 electricity. 10. Surya Putras! India can lead the world in the arena of harboring solar energy. We have taken this up.

13. (Deemakh ki tarah bhrashtachar nay humey tabah kar rakha hai, par deemak ki davai hoti hai na?) Corruption is the root of all problem, it is destroying us. It is basically like termite. But we have medicines for termite also.

14. Never think that India is what you see on TV screens. India is much better than that. There is one Imran Khan in Alwar who made 50 apps to help students’ education. My India resides in people like him. The state of Haryana, known for adverse gender ratio, from there a Sarpanch started a campaign #SelfieWithDaughter

15. (Jab tak suraj chand rahega, jab tak samay ki gati chalegi, Bharat aur UK ka naata aur gehera hoga. Aapke passport ka rang jo bhi ho, mera aur aapka naata humare khoon ke rang se juda hua hai). Let us all participate in India’s journey towards development.

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