Top five health benefits of raspberries!


Who doesn’t like to eat raspberries? Well, everyone loves to have this small and sweet in taste fruit. Though the fruit comes in a variety of colours ranging from black, purple, red, orange, golden and white. Red raspberries are the most cultivated one among all of them.

Raspberries are not only delicious in taste but they also contains many nutritional benefits which makes them good for health.

Here are some health benefits of the fruit:

Prevents cancer

Eating of raspberries regularly reduces the risk of developing cancer such as breast, cervical, colon and prostate cancer as the phytonutrients in the fruit play an important role in lowering oxidative stress, reducing inflammation and alters the development and reproduction of cancer cells.


Raspberries contains Rheosmin,which is raspberry ketone, that increases the metabolism in fat cells by increasing enzyme activity, oxygen consumption and heat production in certain types of fat cells.

Helps maintain weight

Regular consumption of raspberries helps to maintain a healthy weight as tthe fruit contains rich amount of soluble fiber that provides a sense of fullness which halts from over eating.

Controls diabetes

Raspberries is good for health as it helps to lower the risk of developing diabetes as it is low glycemic index which results in carbohydrates breaking up slowly and thus slows down the release of sugar in the blood.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Raspberry helps to prevent damage to the cell membranes and other components, reducing fungal and bacterial growth in the body.


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