Topmost Places To Visit In Jharkhand


Jharkhand is one of the extremely resource-rich states in India on account of the presence of several coal mines and steel plants. There are several places in Jharkhand where you can satisfy your wanderlust.

As the major part of the state is still covered with forests, Jharkhand offers its visitors with the opportunities of exploring wildlife and nature amidst its dense forests and greenery. Before you move on to explore some offbeat destinations, here are the major places to visit in Jharkhand to learn about its rich culture and history.


Deoghar is one of the famous places in Jharkhand, popular for its Baidyanath Temple, which houses one of the 12 jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. The temple is believed to be one amongst the sacred abodes of Lord Shiva and is a complex of 22 small temples dedicated to other Hindu deities.

According to legends, it is believed that Ravana was offered the boon of immortality by Lord Shiva at this temple. You can also explore the beautiful surroundings of Deoghar which include Trikuta Hills, Mayurakshi river, Kathikund and Hathi Pahar.

Netarhat is a popular hill station in the state of Jharkhand, also known as the queen of Chotanagpur. Covered with dense forests and comprising of crystalline rocks, it is one of the highest places in Jharkhand with the elevation of 3696 feet. It is located in the Latehar district at a distance of 156 km from Ranchi and is extremely popular for its trekking routes. The territory of Netarhat also houses several beautiful seasonal waterfalls such as Upper Ghaghri Falls. How about savouring the beauty of the sun rising behind the mountains surrounded by clouds and dense fog from its summit?

Hazaribagh is famous for its wildlife sanctuary which is nurturing several rare and endangered species of animals and plants. It is popular amongst tourists as a health resort and is extremely rich in flora and fauna.

The major reason why you must visit Hazaribagh is that this wonderful place has in store a lot to explore, from temples to small hills. Few prominent places to visit in Hazaribagh include Hazaribagh Lake, Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary, Konar Dam and Bhadrakali Temple.

The most populous place in Jharkhand and the first planned industrial city of India, Jamshedpur is also known as Tatanagar as it was founded by Jamsetji Tata. Even after being a modern city, the natural beauty of Jamshedpur is still intact.

Located on Chota Nagpur Plateau and surrounded by Dalma Hills, Jamshedpur is a must-visit place in Jharkhand due to the presence of several places of interests ranging from waterfalls to lakes and gardens to hills.


With the literal meaning being “the land of hills”, Giridih is one of the most visited places in Jharkhand and is home to the highest peak in the state. Rich in coal and other minerals, the land of Giridih is also home to several Jain pilgrimage sites due to which it is often referred to as the land of Jain temples.

A Definite Place To Attain Nirvana Shikharji Temple located atop Parasnath Hills is one of the major pilgrimage sites for Jains in the world. Apart from temples, there are several other places of interests in its vicinity such as Usri Falls, Khandoli Park, Madhuban, etc.


The capital city of Jharkhand and one of the fastest growing cities in India, Ranchi has to be added to the list of must-visit places in Jharkhand due to its green surroundings and the presence of numerous waterfalls.  Often called the city of waterfalls, the captivating beauty of Ranchi lies in its lush greenery amidst a modern set-up. The major places to visit in and around Ranchi include Hundru Falls, Dassam Falls, Sun Temple, Ranchi Lake and Rock Garden.

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