Toronto’s Pearson Airport Will Soon Have 15 Therapy Dogs To Keep You Company While You Wait For Your Flight


Toronto’s Pearson Airport just hired 15 dogs to alleviate all the stress of travelling.

Flying can be stressful. Whether it’s long flight delays, getting pulled aside for random screening at security, or just the simple fact that you’re about to be thousands of feet up in the air, there is always something to stress you out. One Canadian airport is trying to fix that though. Toronto’s Pearson Airport just hired 15 therapy dogs to keep you company while you wait for your flight.

The new therapy dog program comes out of a partnership with St John Ambulance, who currently run therapy dog programs in hospitals, schools, and various communities across Canada. The program has over 3000 dogs and now some of them and their handlers are joining the volunteer Welcome Team at Pearson.

The 15 dogs specifically coming to Pearson Airport are Bella, Cheyenne, Daisey, Ghost, Hunter, Kahlua, Luna, Pumpkin, Ringo Starr, Shep, Snickers, Sofia, and Zorie. As part of their new role at the airport, the dogs will be roaming around both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 to greet passengers and make their flying experience a little less stressful.

Passengers will now be able to pet and cuddle the dogs for a little bit as they make their way through the airport in order to take away some of the anxiety and stress that comes with flying.

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