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Unbelievable! Archaeologists discover 800-year-old ‘alien mobile phone’ in Austria

The video of an 800-year-old object that appears to resemble a mobile phone, and discovered by archaeologists during a dig in Austria, has gone up viral on social media.

The object is believed to be a clay copy of the mobile phone with a Sumerian writing style on its keys.

Sumerian was an ancient language spoken in around 2000 BC but was forgotten by the 19th century.

On the other hand, UFO hunters are claiming it to be an invention by aliens who visited the earth at that time.

Scott Waring, famous editor of UFO Sighting Daily, for one is satisfied with the evidence which he claims is proof that aliens once visited the earth.

However, there is very little information available about the so-called ancient mobile phone and has intrigued several people who want to know more about it.

Here is the Video:

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