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Unbelievable! ‘Pakora wala’ easily dips his hands in oil boiling at 200° C


Allahabad based chef, Ram Babu, has become a centre of attraction all over the world for his unique style of frying pakoras.

Ram, 60, surprises his customers with his unique cooking techniques of dipping bare hands in boiling oil to fry pakora.

He buries his naked hands into cooking oil heated up to 200C in the frying pan to fry pakora, several media reports said.

People from far away come to here to see Ram frying pakoras without burning his hands.

Ram said that he is frying pakoras for last 40 years but have never suffered any burn injury.

As the demand of his pakoras grew, Ram said, he stopped using spatula and started using his hands directly to fry pakoras.

The main reason behind this move, he said, was to save time because using spatula was time consuming.

Ram Babu further said that he had once mistakenly put his bare hands in boiling oil to take out fries and noticed that his hands suffered no burn injury.

Ram also said it feels as if he is putting his hands in water.

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